Marcin Held before Angels of Fire 7 and Pro Fight 5


An interview with Marcin Held who is fighting Lukasz Sajewski this Saturday on Agles for Fire 7: Support for Haiti and June 18 with an experienced Jean Silva on Pro Fight 5. Enjoy!

First I’d like to thank Marcin for sharing some time with us and our readers.

GI: Marcin, how are your last preparations going for your upcoming fight with Lukasz Sajewski?

MH: Everything is fine. I’m just finishing. Last training session on Wednesday (3 days before the fight) and then I’m having a rest.

GI: Have you paid more attention to some particular aspect of your game? Obviously your ground skills are on a very high level but how’s your standup and wrestling at the moment?

MH: My standup is getting better and better. For sure, it’s better than in my last fight. However, it’s not as good as it should be. I’m working hard on this aspect and I hope that one day I’ll reach a level when I’d be able to stand and trade punches for the whole fight. I guess my wrestling is fine enough. We’ll see in the fight.

GI: Lukasz Sajewski is also a young up-and-coming fighter. You must have watched some of his fights. What can you tell about him?

MH: Yes, I did watch his fights and I can say he’s a very good fighter with good standup and solid ground game.

GI: I think Sajewski, as well as you, is more proficient on the ground. Do you think that your fight might take place in this area?

MH: I wouldn’t mind if it happened so 🙂 but I’m ready to fight standing. I want to try the new things I’ve learned during training and see how they work in a fight. I think Lukasz might also want to stand with me, so it may be just the opposite.

GI: Can you tell us why you didn’t take part in this year Poland Cup in Konin? In the past, even if you had an MMA fight coming, you still showed up and took part in major BJJ competitions.

MH: At the beginning the Poland Cup was planned for two days and I didn’t want to spend this time away from training. I think it was a good choice, especially that eventually (despite the competition lasted one day) my weight class was merged with the higher one. I didn’t want to risk an injury.

GI: June 18, you have a fight during the “Pro Fight” event with an experienced and solid fighter Jean Slva, who has a victory over Paul “Semtex” Daley. He also fought but lost to Vitor Ribeiro, Masakazu Imanari or Takanori Gomi. What can you tell about him?

MH: It is a huge opportunity for me. If I make it, it will be great. If not I hope that fans will forgive me 🙂

GI: I remember last time we spoke you said you don’t want to fight in some random events and take random fights. You said that you want to take fights that can open door to the world. Is this the reason you decided to take this fight?

MH: Yes, exactly. In this fight I can gain a lot and loose not so much.

GI: Lately, the owners of KSW federation speak more and more about a lightweight tournament that is supposed to happen in September. Can you tell us, whether they’ve talked with you or your coaches? If so, what is the status of these talks and what are the chances that we will see Marcin Held fighting for KSW?

MH: I’ve talked with them once and they said something about a 75kg (165 lbs) tournament. It was just this one time when we’ve spoken without any declarations. I wouldn’t like to fight in this category. Maybe I will hear from them again but if not I won’t cry over it J🙂

GI: During last “Iron Fist” Maciej Jewtuszko, number 1 lightweight in Poland, defeated by TKO a strong and experienced, as for Polish ground, Lithuanian – Erikas Petraitis. Did you expect that this fight might end with Maciej’s victory?

MH: Yes, I expected Maciek to win as he’s a very good fighter and he has excellent physique for this weight class (155 lbs). He had a serious height, weight and probably strength advantage. I didn’t expect any other result.

GI: A few months earlier a fight with Maciej has been proposed to you. You however, turned down this proposal and decided to fight Sajewski instead. Has anything changed since then? Would you like to fight Maciej Jewtuszko?

MH: Nothing has changed. I still have time to fight Maciej and I think that one day this fight may happen. But for now, I have two tough fights ahead that I have to win and then we’ll see what’s going to happen.

GI: At the end I would like to wish you good luck in your future fights. If you want to thank anybody please do not hesitate.

MH: Thank you. I would like to thank my coach, my friends from the team who helped me to prepare for this fight and Fitness-Sklep for supplements and gear.


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