Profiles: Maciej „Irokez” Jewtuszko


He has notable wins over Grzegorz Tredowski (11-8-2) (previously #1 lightweight), Erikas Petraitis (20-10-2) and Edvardas Norkeliunas (12-7-1). None of his 7 fights went into a decision. He either submits his opponents ((4 submission victories) or (T)KOs them. Being a very charismatic person his ring entries always make the crowd go crazy and his deadly gesture of throat cutting makes you feel terrified.


Name: Maciej Jewtuszko
Nickname: Irokez (Mohawk)
Date of birth: January 31, 1981
Place of birth: Szczecin, Poland
Association: Berserkers Team
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Weight: 70kg (155lbs)
Record: 7-0


He started his adventure with sports in Berserkers Team Szczecin, where led by one of the best MMA/BJJ coaches Piotr Baginski he polished his sills. After a few years he gained enough confidence to test himself in MMA. His first fight was in 2005 against Dainius Krishtopaitis (0-4-1), it ended up with the first round victory via armbar. His second fight wasn’t an easy win. His opponent Adam Lazowski (1-3-1) had an advantage at the beginning of the fight when he landed some good shots, Maciej working off of his back tried to secure a heel hook but his opponent managed to escape and again won some exchanges in the standup. Late into the round Irokez caught Lazowski with some good knees and punches to ultimately finish the fight with soccer kicks at 4:57 of the first round. After this win he had two years off of MMA. He returned in November 2008 at Fight Club Berlin 12 where he defeated Michal Silar (0-2) with rear naked choke. A few months after, at Fight Club Berlin 13 Maciej TKOed Slovakian fighter Maros Nagy (1-2). His next opponent was a real deal, as he faced Polish #1 lightweight Grzegorz Tredowski at Beast of the East in 2009. It was supposed to be a true test of his skills and potential and Maciej lived up to the expectations. After a relatively equal first round he submitted Tredowski with a fast guillotine choke with just 37 seconds into the second round. 6 months later at Iron Fist 2 in Szczecin just after 98 seconds of the first round the referee stopped the fight as Jewtuszko pounded on an experienced Lithuanian Erikas Petraitis. He was faster, stronger and more flexible than his opponent and won in a spectacular fashion. Being on a 6 win streak just a month after Iron Fist 2 Irokez was to fight a dangerous and experienced Vincent Latoel at Beast of the East 2. Unfortunately Latoel had to pulled out of the fight due to an injury. His place took Edvardas Norkeliunas who won with another Polish lightweight fighter, ranked #2 Maciej Gorski. Early in the first round Jewtuszko was caught in a tight triangle choke, then his opponent switched to an armbar but Maciej’s experience on the ground helped him to get himself our of the submission attempts and after a while it was Norkeliunas who had to tap due to a heel hook.
Irokez wins decisively leaving his opponents helpless and without any doubts who is better. Rumors are circulating that the biggest MMA promotion UFC is interested in employing Jewtuszko. We’ll find out in the nearest future how things go on, but without a doubt the future for Maciej looks very bright.

Interesting facts:

  • He used to weigh as much as 207lbs
  • He used to compete in grappling tournaments in heavy weight division
  • He is a firefighter
  • He is a professional Polish Muay Thai Champion
  • He trains with world Muay Thai Champion Marcin Parcheta
  • His favorite fighter is Anderson Silva


Maciej Jewtuszko vs Edvardas Norkeliunas

Maciej Jewtuszko vs Erikas Petraitis

Maciej Jewtuszko vs Grzegorz Tredowski


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