Technika: omoplata z berimbolo od Andrisa Brunovskisa

Zawodnik Atosu i czarny pas pod Andre Galvao, Andris Brunovskis, prezentuje ciekawą koncepcję omoplaty z wcześniejszej akcji otwierającej do berimbolo:

Get the Digital Download here —> The omopalooza instructional has been out for a few days and so far everyone is loving Andris's super detailed instruction, a few days ago we posted self defense bonus. But today in a more serious application, andris shows us the omoplata berimbolo. I've seen him hit this ad nauseam. I personally strugge against this technique while training with Andris all the time. Its fast, its slick, its brutal yet elegant, and Andris depicts this in painstaking detail. Absorb this. Its a must-know. You can get the entire instruction series at Get it today and add these devious tactics to your game today, and please, once you master the omoplata, dont wreck your training partners too badly.

Posted by Keenan Cornelius on 13 luty 2016


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